01 - Project Management

When you want to build a new facility or increase the capacity of your existing facility, we help you to provide the most efficient investment for you at the lowest cost.

02- Engineering

ZAIM, with the confidence of being in the industry for many years, apply all positive experience lived in all projects to the products they design and manufacture by adding own approach and imagination as well. Your operations are evaluated by calculating input and output quantities and products are presented for your needs.

03- Installation and Commissioning

The new facility installed or the new equipment you added to increase your existing capacity is installed and operated team safely and efficiently by our experts.


04- Training

It is important that your operator is well equipped for both the process and the equipment.
All training is provided to help you to maintain your process efficiency and solve any problems you face.

05- Inspection & Process Improvement

Your entire process is optimized by controlling operational efficiency, energy consumption, input-output quantities. Necessary spare parts replacement and improvement solution is offered by reporting machine performances.

06- Service & Spare Parts

ZAIM offers spare parts supply and replacement when it is time to change or the breakdown occurs for both its own products and even purchased products from another vendor.