01 - About Us

Since 2010, ZAIM A.Ş, which we established with our teammates operating in the production, design, sales and finance departments of the three largest rendering companies in the world, set off on the first day of 2018 with its knowledge, technology and experience.
In this “specific” industry we are in, we have kept abreast of closely all kinds of troubles and developments we have encountered in the projects we have produced so far. On the one hand, we have noticed that we can manufacture more productive machines with small improvements and simple technological touches to be added. On the other hand, we have completed the design process of our machines with user-friendly control and low energy consumption. Our company based in Bursa, Turkey, has started its production in a total of 7000 m2 area, including 4600 m2 closed. LEARN ALL ABOUT ZAIM

02 - Industries

Processing And Rendering Solutions For Various Industries
Custom made, high-tech, low-cost solutions to your needs.            

03 - Solutions

All facilities designed and projected are produced with high quality materials, equipment, precision and workmanship.