Fish Processing

ZAIM meets the necessary equipment and project needs of the leaders of this sector for fish flour and oil which is highly respected in the market. Although fish meal processing generally follows the same principle, processing requirements vary from one site to another and from one plant to another. The requirements for hunting freshness, fish species, fish meal and oil quality and environmental issues determine the need for individual plant solutions. To meet such challenges, we offer a complete business program. ZAIM's delivery program ranges from small land-based or ship-based units to the world's largest fish meal plants. Our facilities are manufactured to comply with maximum energy efficiency, reliability, safety and local environmental standards High-quality fish meal is sold at high market prices, because this type of product has shown significant advantages in all animal breeding. It is difficult to replace it with other protein products. ZAIM has developed special cooking and drying equipment that limits the exposure of fish to high temperatures. The result is better protection of valuable amino acids and digestion remains as high as possible. Our plant design focuses on the optimal use of both raw material and energy.